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Museum Of Lincolnshire Life: A Journey Through Lincolnshire’s History


The Museum of Lincolnshire Life is a treasure trove of history, showcasing the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Lincolnshire. Located in the heart of Lincoln, UK, it is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and tourists alike. The museum is dedicated to preserving and presenting the social, cultural, and industrial history of Lincolnshire, and it does so in a captivating and engaging way.


A Tour Through Time

The museum is spread over several floors, each dedicated to a particular period in Lincolnshire’s history. From the prehistoric era to the modern day, the museum takes visitors on a journey through time, showcasing the different ways of life, customs, and traditions of the people of Lincolnshire. Some of the highlights of the museum include:

Prehistoric Era

The museum has an impressive collection of prehistoric artifacts, including the famous Mesolithic Star Carr headdress, which is one of the few examples of prehistoric headdresses ever found in Europe. The collection also includes tools, weapons, and other artifacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

Roman Era

The Roman period is well-represented in the museum, with exhibits showcasing the daily life of Romans in Lincolnshire. Visitors can see a reconstruction of a Roman villa, complete with mosaics and wall paintings, and a display of Roman artifacts, including coins, pottery, and jewellery.

Medieval Era

The museum has an impressive collection of medieval artifacts, including armour, weapons, and clothing. Visitors can also see a reconstruction of a medieval kitchen and learn about the daily life of people in Lincolnshire during this period.

Industrial Era

The Industrial Revolution had a significant impact on the history of Lincolnshire, and the museum has an extensive collection of artifacts from this era. Visitors can see a reconstruction of a Victorian street, complete with shops and businesses, and learn about the different industries that thrived in Lincolnshire during this period, including agriculture, shipping, and engineering.


Engaging Exhibits

The exhibits in the museum are designed to be interactive and engaging, with plenty of hands-on activities for visitors of all ages. The museum has a dedicated children’s area, where kids can dress up in period costumes, play with toys from different eras, and learn about Lincolnshire’s history in a fun and interactive way.


Events and Workshops

The museum hosts a wide range of events and workshops throughout the year, including talks, tours, and hands-on activities. These events offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about Lincolnshire’s history and culture in a fun and engaging way.



The Museum of Lincolnshire Life is a fascinating destination that showcases the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Lincolnshire. With engaging exhibits, interactive displays, and a wide range of events and workshops, the museum offers visitors a unique and immersive experience that is both educational and entertaining. Whether you are a history enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out, the Museum of Lincolnshire Life is worth a visit.